I swear the older we get, the faster time goes by.

Had a good 18th birthday :D

Hope all of you are doing wonderfully ♥

I always go to Tumblr when I’m feeling down or something. And it never fails to cheer me up

then I return to the real world and everything just sucks again

hory crap

I get my car next Thursday

I am so fucking excited

seriously, I can’t even..

i love life rn, js.


I’m fine with being a perfectionist and all, but sometimes its agitating as fuck. 

Coffee before bed because I’m addicted affffffffffff

Reading a letter my grandmother wrote to me, dated February 3, 2004. I don’t think I was even supposed to read it yet, but I’m glad I did. I kinda miss her.

5 hour long ride home with my bestfriend Tristian, the ac broke, and its pouring rain. Oh, holy hotness.

That awkward moment when

you realise that the guy you had random drunken conversations with at a party last night, was the guy who played “Logan” on the show Zoey 101.

I find myself constantly testing my limits, and setting new personal goals.
Its strange, but I enjoy it.

I want Jonny Craig to autograph my body.. with a carving knife.

deer god, circa survive. youre too good for my own good.